Thursday, November 5, 2009

Script Second Draft: Shot List

Fade In:

shot 1 - Wide Shot of a factory floor. Two "dead" robots slide out of the way as we slowly dolly in to see our hero robot, a red light glowing above it, indicating that it is still functioning. The Faint sound of a motor starting and stopping can be heard.

shot 2 - Medium shot of the hero robot, looking at from the front, again the red indicator light in view. Sound of the motor a bit louder.

shot 3 - POV shot. We see a close up of a claw, opening and closing slowly, the object that the factory makes is just out of reach.

shot 4 - Full shot of entire robot, from the side, claw opening and closing, still slowly.

shot 5 - Wide shot from up high, through a shattered window/ripped wall siding, a figure appears in the foreground, hero robot still visible in the hole.

shot 6 - From the opposite angle, behind the hero robot, JASPER jumps through hole, still unclear as to who/what he is, leaves frame, then comes back into view as he approaches the hero robot. His eyes follow the entire length of the machine, inspecting, eventually grabbing the 'head' of the robot and peers into the eye.

shot 7 - POV, we see JASPER's cubist-style face inspecting the eye, and then beginning to move screen left.

shot 8 - Full-Wide shot, angled slightly downwards and above the robot's claw, JASPER moves towards camera, picks up object that the hero robot was reaching for, quickly inspects it, then tosses it behind him. The hero robot pathetically follows it with eye and claw as JASPER grabs another object from his pouch/belt.

shot 9 - Cut to a closer version of the previous shot, JASPER places another object onto the assembly line, grabs the hero robot's eye and points it at the object. The robot stares.

shot 10 - POV from hero robot's perspective, of a MIRROR, the reflection being obviously clear and not in 'cubist mode'


shot 12 - Medium/Full shot of the robot looking around, more animated than before. It eventually looks down at it's hand, lifts it up and starts rotating it playfully.

shot 13 - Medium shot of JASPER, looking amused. He begins to move forward.

shot 14 - Close up of JASPER's hand patting the hero robot on it's 'head'. JASPER then moves away.

shot 15 - Wide shot of factory floor, slowly pulling back. As JASPER is leaving screen right, we see the robot still playing with hand. The shadow of JASPER passing through the hole in the ceiling moves across robot, catching its attention as it looks up and watches him leave.

Fade out

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