Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Inspiration Pack

Below are a few links and descriptions to help better describe the visual inspiration for this thesis.

The indoor shots of the house have this really interesting flat aesthetic. What I find most intruiging (and a little mind boggling) is how easily the 3D characters seem to interact with things like the floor and table, which look like they are perpandicular to the screen. I'm looking to do something similar to this, except throw in some camera motion, and have objects in the scene change their shape to compensate.

Samurai Jack
This clip includes a few elements that should help better explain what I am going for. Most notably, the set pieces in each shot are seemingly painted to only 'work' for that shot in particular. That is to say, the imagegery is abstracted to the point of inconsistency with the other shots. The characters show a little bit of this as well. The challenge for me is to represent something similar in 3D. Also, there are certain shots that use our acceptance of these inconcsistencies to set up some great compositions. For example, at 3:44 the set piece is composed in such a way that forces your eye directly towards the combatants, when there had been no indication previously in the clip that they were in an area that looked anything like this.

Cubist Camera
This is one of the sources I used in my thesis proposal. The basic concept involves setting up a string of virtual cameras surrounding a subject within a 3D animation package, and taking a sliver from each camera to build a final image. The result depicts a subject in an abstracted form, shown from multiple perspectives. Though I'm not sure as to whether or not I will be using this technique exactly, the thought process behind the concept has helped inform some visual ideas.

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