Saturday, October 24, 2009

Script Update: First Draft

"Awareness" (WIP)
Nick Avallone

Act 1

Open with a wide shot of what looks like an abandoned assembly line complex. The audience's view of the scene is flat, abstracted, and fragmented, only barely decipherable (the same can be said up until Act 3). The faint sound of a tiny motor starting and stopping can be heard echoing the background.

Cut to show a variety of damaged assembly line robots, all frozen in time, in the middle of a task for which they were built. Off in the distance we catch a glimpse of a bright red LED. The sound of the small motor is now a bit stronger.

Finally we see one machine still functioning, its large single eye fixated on a thin box just outside of its reach. A two-fingered clamp attached to the machine is stretched out as far as it can go, opening and closing slowly, in an attempt to close the lid on the box. We now see that this is the source of the sound from earlier.


Another wide shot looking through a large hole in the roof of the facility (the working machine still in view) a character steps into frame, objects hang from his belt, one of which being a hand held mirror that reflects a strong glare in the vibrant sunlight. (We'll call him JASPER)

Cut to the opposite angle, JASPER hops down from his perch (leaves frame) makes his way towards the machine, and comes into frame where we get a better look at him.

We then see him inspecting the lone robot, tapping on its side, peering into its eye, etc. Getting no response after waving his hands in front of the eye, JASPER takes the box the robot was fixated on and tosses it aside.

The machine pathetically watches it fall to the ground, points its arm at the box and continues to open and close its clamp.

Satisfied, JASPER begins to fumble with the tools in his possession, finally selecting the hand held mirror and holding it in front of the machine's eye.

Act 3

A glare caught in the reflection causes the robot to recoil slightly, refocusing its 'pupil' to compensate for the brightness.

POV shot as the brightness fades, we see a reflection that depicts the robot in full perspective. There will be a large contrast in clarity between the world up until this point, and the reflection in the mirror.

Wide shot of JASPER, the mirror, and the machine. The sound of the tiny motor has finally stopped.

Cut to a medium shot (dolly zoom) from behind the mirror, looking at the robot still staring at its reflection. Slowly, normal perspective returns to the entire image starting at the eye. Fragmented pieces become cohesive, spacial relation becomes clearer, etc.

The robot, astounded, begins to inspect itself and its surroundings, eventually fixating on its arm as it playfully rotates and moves it around.

JASPER takes the mirror away, pats the robot on the head, and takes his leave.

The final shot will be a pull out, looking at the robot still staring at its own hand, until it catches notice of JASPER, and watches him leave through the hole in the roof.

Fade to black.

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