Friday, March 5, 2010


The standard rig is controlling null objects which are above the
geometry itself, allowing me to manipulate the geometry while
maintaining joint based control over the character.
Problem areas include:
- Shoulders/clavicles are non-human, I had to use Set Driven Keys* to
constrain movement.
Animation changes - After doing test animations, I realized I needed
additional rig controls to avoid geometry clipping, as well as to
grant the character a wider range of movement.
- eye needed to move forward and back
- Added a few fail-safe controls to avoid clipping. These were
controls that would allow me to freely move entire components of the
body separate from the joint based rig.
Clusters have to be set to relative, otherwise the lattice points they
control will receive double transforms

*at its lowest level, set driven keys are used to form relationships
between two or more attribute variables.

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