Friday, March 5, 2010

Character Concept 02

Character Desgin

I wanted to make the lead character belong in this expansive field of
boxcars, so I vaguely based him on the look of older locomotives. This
is especially clear in the exaggerated chest and sternum.

I used Adobe Photoshop to create this concept image. To best represent
the final vision of the project, I had to think geometrically,
restricting curved edges to a very select number of components
including the eye, center 'orb', and small rivets.

The collection of color shapes was interesting, but to add a level of
cohesiveness I overlayed details that permeated multiple components.
Doing so really brought everything together, and was the inspiration
for separating base colors and detail textures when shading the 3D
elements in the final composition.

Once the body was completed, I felt that giving him some sort of staff
or pole to hold would better sell his purpose to an audience. The
staff suggests a level of authority, and immediately says to me (when
held in a specific way) that the lead character is guarding something,
or blocking the way. My goal was to make it apparent that this
character was either a shepherd or scarecrow for the trains he

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