Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Story Change

I changed the story for a few reasons. One of which was because I felt
as though the abstracted visuals I plan on taking advantage of are
better suited for a storyline that takes place in a fictional world.

Swapping between the abstract view and the normal perspective view is
no longer a factor in this animation. One focus of this thesis is
placing an importance on the bond between visual abstraction and
storytelling. The 'look' of this final piece should not be treated as
a replaceable component. Instead, the story is relying on particular
elements to be depicted in certain ways. With this in mind, I felt
that having part of the story depicted in a more traditional manner
did not add anything substantial to either the story in its entirety,
nor to this thesis. When viewed as a whole, the concept for the
original story also seemed to emphasize a positive bias towards the
normal space perspective, such that it acted as the 'reward' for the
main character. While indeed, elements are to be composed abstractly
for the audience's benefit, I decided it would be better if characters
in the story remained unaware of the visual abstraction.

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